Creating a Smart Supply Chain with Global Reach

    "The Belt and Road" Initiative - Advancing Optimal Global SCM.








    • The mission of Global Outlets Group (GOG) is to provide the world’s leading fast moving consumer goods retail brands with one-stop smart supply chain solutions, including product design and development, raw materials procurement, smart storage and logistics, multi-channel sales development, brand promotion and marketing, etc., with services encompassing the entire supply chain.
    • As a global supply chain manager, GOG’s competitive prices, high quality, and reliable payment system are what drive us to realize the highest standard of service and satisfy the requirements of international business. GOG takes full advantage of its global network, marketing expertise, and information-technology system, adjusting with agility and speed to the ever-changing landscape of consumer trends.
    • GOG assists China’s manufacturers to connect directly with large offline chain-store sales channels and online E-commerce platforms overseas, effectively bypassing layer after expensive layer of importers, traders, and wholesalers, providing cost-effective products to end users.


    • Introduce premium overseas brands to the China and international markets, providing them with online/offline Omni-channel business development solutions.
    • Facilitate the integration of famous international brands with local manufacturing firms, thereby realizing the localization of manufacturing and operations.


    • Playing to our advantages in North American E-commerce resources and our offline sales network, GOG empowers Chinese manufacturers, providing market research, brand operation, marketing and promotion, logistics and storage, supply chain finance, etc., effectively providing one-stop solutions enabling Chinese manufacturers to develop the North American market in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

    Supply Chain

    • GOG provides brands and retailers with top B2C E-commerce services, including Omni-channel inventory, order management, multi-platform integrated marketing, creative strategy, and flow expansion.
    • GOG helps to optimize inventory and information flow, thus decreasing costs and raising service levels.

    Tailored Clothing

    • GOG integrates China’s clothing manufacturing industry chain, using the newest 3D body scan modeling and AI technology to custom tailor clothing, providing worldwide consumers with online personalized clothier solutions, realizing the marriage of mobile Internet, smart design, soft manufacturing, and digital service.

    GOG (USA) Phoenix, AZ Headquarters

    International strategy: Shenzhen + Phoenix dual headquarters structure

    In 2017, in order to realize our international strategic goals, GOG established dual headquarters in Shenzhen, China, and Phoenix, AZ, USA, respectively. This model allows for the full integration of mutual resources; and GOG’s international Sino-American team, with its understanding of Chinese brands and the American market, is bringing more commercial opportunities to Chinese and American companies. In the future, GOG plans to establish even more representative offices, subsidiaries, and regional headquarters in other countries and regions, thereby contributing to the optimization of the global distribution of resources, and creating a smart supply chain ecosystem in harmony with the “One Belt One Road” initiative.








    01 Manufacturer Screening

    Only chose high-quality Chinese manufacturers

    Manufacturers must be strong competitors industry-wise and/or product-wise; must place high priority on international market development; must have excellent cooperation capabilities and be familiar with the export process.

    02 Mutual Product Selection

    Greatly increases success rate of product selection

    On the one hand, manufacturers select and recommend their most competitive products; on the other hand, GOG provides product selection suggestions based on North American market research for for similar product types.

    03 Reverse Pricing

    Highly competitive and cost-effective

    GOG references pricing for similar products in the North American market in order to set a competitive retail price, then subtract service charges, logistics fees, etc., and recommend a shipping price, thereby acquiring a higher profit margin for manufacturers.

    04 Company Registration

    One-stop service

    Upon reaching a cooperative agreement, in order to more easily facilitate funds transfer and operations, GOG will assist manufacturers to establish a company in the United States, open bank accounts, and register trademarks; manufacturers can send sample products to the exhibition hall at our USA headquarters.

    05 Sales Channel Development

    Only pay for what is sold

    Retailers send orders directly to the manufacturer’s United States entity; once the manufacturer receives funds, the manufacturer pays the service fee to GOG; simultaneously, GOG will sell the products through mainstream North American online sales channels, realizing online-offline shared inventory.

    06 Value-added Services

    30 years of supply chain experience

    GOG provides complete logistics and storage services from China to the United States, helping manufacturers to lower logistics costs; GOG provides supply chain financial services, helping manufacturers reduce financial pressure; GOG provides big data services, helping manufacturers to acquire accurate market information.






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